Empowering survivors to thrive.

As the great quote from Albert Einstein - "No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it."


Divinely YOU realized that there is a gap in the system of recovery and we are here to fill it.

The scholarships given by Divinely YOU are set up to help YOU thrive.

We help in a few area's of your life. Our scholarships are up to $1000.00 each.

  1. Each scholarship applicant will be interviewed to see which format of Amazing YOU would benefit them most, lifestyle help, healthy habits support or life coaching to move beyond survival.

This program and non-profit, is set up to help those who have been in survival mode for far to long and are ready to discover new ways of loving themselves and living in order to break free and thrive.

By filling out this form you are agreeing to invest in yourself (through time or money) and take the steps necessary to step into empowerment. When there is a will there is a way.  Start by filling out the scholarship application below.

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Our mission

Divinely YOU is an organization founded on the realization that the only way we can heal the effects of abuse is by first ending self-abuse.

As the great quote from Albert Einstein - "No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it."


The founder Antiqua Lisha is a child abuse prevention advocate and has spoken out about childhood sexual abuse, prevention since she herself became a survivor at age 13. She has written books and coaches clients to reclaim their power and rewrite their stories to live their lives as worthy, gifted, and complete.

Divinely YOU began with two objectives ‚Äď to raise awareness around abuse and ways to end it,¬† and give survivors scholarships for those who are done surviving and ready to live beyond the backlashes of abuse such as low self esteem, self- doubt, limiting beliefs and victim mentality through courses, coaching and personal development.

One of the most common BLOCK stopping survivors and victims’ from learning new ways of being is money.  Through scholarships for courses, live events and private coaching that we raise by your generous support and public awareness Celebrate YOU concerts worldwide. They CAN afford private coaching, alternative therapies and educational support to take their power back and leave the past behind and step into their dreams.

Over the past 8 years as a coach serving survivors Antiqua Lisha realized that her clients where some of the most dynamic, brilliant men and women she had ever met. There were 2 things standing between them and a "normal" life.

1. They where broke and broke... feeling broken had stopped many of them from gaining the proper footing they need to get the support and coaching they desired to move forward.

Our Solution: At Divinely YOU we raise money through donations, live events and proceeds from book and program sales from our sponsors to help these survivors thrive by providing fund matching scholarships.

  1.  They have forgotten or never known that they are amazing, capable and talented.  They have forgotten how to celebrate themselves, their accomplishments and their lives.  And in doing so they are struggling to keep their dreams alive.

Our Solution: At Divinely YOU we end abuse by doing the opposite of abuse.  Abuse is controlling, demeaning and hurtful.  At our fundraising events, we celebrate YOU with music, self-empowerment workshops and positive support.  We know how important it is to retrain the brain to work for us and learn new skills to replace the negative tapes so many survivors battle every-day.  Our events are designed to not only raise money for scholarships for ongoing support and awareness but consciousness and love as well.

Get our PROGRAM - 4 Steps To Take Your Power BackWhen you apply for your scholarship you will get this program automatically.

I am so grateful for you!  These teachings are food for life change, and I look forward to each one with great anticipation!  I am even great full for the pain that moved me to meet you.  Otherwise, I would still be spiraling downward.  You are a blessing in my life.

Thank you...for you.